Stories nourish us and great stories make us better people. Our mission is to find your next movie to fall in love with.

Nobody knows what to watch anymore. 40,000 titles are available on streaming. The average user spends 9.4 minutes browsing and skips over 300 titles before finding something.... or nothing.

Overwhelming amounts of content are being produced each year, and more people around the world have streaming access than ever before. But with so many titles available at our fingertips—5,000 on Netflix, another 20,000 on Prime—we suffer under choice paralysis. 

The average Netflix user under 35 passes on over 300 titles before picking something to watch. We think they’d rather take a recommendation from a voice they can trust, and we believe that fans are the best salespeople.

Reelay is an app for friends to share 15-second video film/tv reviews.

We made this app to help you find stories that are meant to be shared, not just consumed, and to give a platform to the fans—bold, creative, niche, and diverse—offering to be your guide.