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Reelay is a community built around expressing our shared love of movies and TV, which is why we aim to keep our platform a fun and positive place. Posts should always remain respectful of all Reelayers, regardless of how much you may disagree with their opinions. Below is a list of our community guidelines that all Reelayers’ posts must abide by. If a post violates one of our policies, we may remove it. If a user repeatedly violates our community guidelines, we may suspend or permanently ban that user from participating on Reelay. If a post crosses the line of respectability without violating policy, we may give you a gentle reminder on your post to relax, respect the spirit of the platform, and have fun (don’t worry, you’ll know it when you see it ;))

Minors policy and child sexual abuse material

We do not allow minors to have accounts on our platform. Reelay also has zero tolerance for content which depicts, encourages, or facilitates harm to minors, whether through violence, abuse, exploitation, nudity, or other inappropriate content. This includes animated, digitally created, or digitally altered content. Any violative content we find will be immediately removed and reported to National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and relevant authorities, as appropriate. 

Adult and sexual content

We do not allow nudity, sexual acts, or simulations of sexual acts on Reelay, whether recorded live or displayed in other media. We also do not allow descriptions of sexual acts regardless of intent, even if ostensibly in service of a movie review. This includes, but is not limited to:

Violence and self harm

Reelay is a place for positive expression. As such, we do not allow content that contains violence. In particular, we do not allow:

Hateful activities

Reelay is not a place for hateful content nor the people or groups who espouse hate. In particular, we do not allow:

Harassment and personally identifiable information

Content on Reelay may not target an individual. This includes but is not limited to:

Solicitation, services, and advertisements

No content on Reelay may solicit for services or advertise services available unless directly related to the film and television industry. No content may solicit for goods for purchase nor advertise goods for purchase. No content may promise reward or incentive for following accounts or views.

Eligible movies and television for review

No movies reviewed may be propaganda for or promote ideologies consistent with terrorist, hate, or extremist content, organizations, or conspiracy theories. Certain films put in historical context may be allowed. Additionally, movies must be eligible to post on

No spoilers

NO SPOILERS!!! Seriously.


Posts on Reelay must be clearly related to a tv show or film. Any content may be deemed irrelevant at the sole discretion of Reelay.


We remove all Spam from Reelay. All content on Reelay must be created explicitly for Reelay. We define Spam as duplicative content, automatically generated content, and content that is primarily geared towards off-platform activity.